Explaining our Downtime

Our website was down for a few days – but we used twitter as a backup to explain what had happened:

Our website is down... because it had too many visitors. Yep, we're so popular we broke the Internet. Behold, the power of BUNNIES!

Of course, shortly after this, Betsy had to chime in:

In related news, Betsy denies having anything to do with our website being down. She says she hasn't chewed any cables... lately.

But I have no comment on that one.

Anyway, we kept giving dad the “stare of disapproval” until he figured out a way to work around the problem, and obviously he did manage to do something.

So anyway, that’s why our site was missing for a few days there. Sorry about that, but… it’s all dad’s fault!


We’re Still Here

It’s been a while since we posted, but we’re still here. (You can always check us out on the bunnycam.)

Dad was doing some sort of upgrade to our website’s server, and said we couldn’t post while he was doing that. It was only supposed to take a few days.

It has been more than a “few days” now.

But don’t worry, I expressed my disapproval to dad in a format he’s sure to understand: via a drawing on his whiteboard!

gus's valentine messageBetsy, on the other hand, was much more direct:

even betsy's drawing doesn't like you Dad says he’s still trying to get that upgrade done, so hang in there. Once we get the all-clear from him, we’ll be back to our (somewhat) regular schedule.



Mum & Dad’s Smelly Food

Gus really doesn’t like the smell of human food – especially when mum & dad fry anything. ICK!

But mum has started writing about her food, and she seems to like it. But it’s not for me – not for bunnies at all, I’d say – but still, it’s my mum (I love my mummy) so if you are a human or like human food, see what my mum has to say about it here. (Be nice to her, she’s new to this stuff – not an expert blogger like me!!)


Betsy's New Portrait

The Story of “The Mysterious Kitty-Bunny”

Dad found this story of a lonley, almost-starving kitty who came and lived with some bunnies (and turned out to prefer vegetables over cat food!).

Of course, I can’t help but notice that one of the rabbits there looks a lot like me!

Still, it’s a very nice story, and I’m glad the kitty is eating and being taken care of. Still, it was weird for dad to have found this story on a site that normally talks about those video-game thingies. Ah well, we all know that rabbits transcend all boundaries and barriers!

One of the commenters to the story said:

“I’ve always joked that rabbits are just vegan cats. Maybe I wasn’t joking.”

While not stricly true, it is a good analogy – one that even dad uses sometimes to explain keeping rabbits indoors to people who don’t “get it.”

Me? I just always like to see animals rescued (being a rescue myself). Speaking of which, maybe I should go give mum and dad a nose bump for saving me…


Not A Rabbit

Dad pulled these pictures out the other day (and they’re actual “photos” on paper & everything!) and he got all sad. I guess this was one of his first pets from long, long ago. Dad said his name was “Mario” – and that he was named after the race-car driver, not the video game character.

mario sleeping in my bed

I guess they call them a “guinea pig?”

mario in his cage with his house

Nice house!

mario peeking out into the world

Hey, I do the same thing!

mario sleeping with the green blanket

Looks comfy to me!

I just noticed – dad keeps a picture of this guinea pig on his desk. I guess he really loved him.

Aww, don’t be sad, dad, I’m sure he’s in a happy place with lots of yummy greens.

Kind of a sad thing to remember, but still – there were all those good times, right? And now you’ve got me & Betsy!

Ah, that’s better – dad’s smiling now.

Now, feed me.


Gus’s Newer Portrait