Not A Rabbit

Dad pulled these pictures out the other day (and they’re actual “photos” on paper & everything!) and he got all sad. I guess this was one of his first pets from long, long ago. Dad said his name was “Mario” – and that he was named after the race-car driver, not the video game character.

mario sleeping in my bed

I guess they call them a “guinea pig?”

mario in his cage with his house

Nice house!

mario peeking out into the world

Hey, I do the same thing!

mario sleeping with the green blanket

Looks comfy to me!

I just noticed – dad keeps a picture of this guinea pig on his desk. I guess he really loved him.

Aww, don’t be sad, dad, I’m sure he’s in a happy place with lots of yummy greens.

Kind of a sad thing to remember, but still – there were all those good times, right? And now you’ve got me & Betsy!

Ah, that’s better – dad’s smiling now.

Now, feed me.


Gus’s Newer Portrait





2 responses to “Not A Rabbit”

  1. Fiona Bun Avatar

    DKM always gets weepy when thinking about the ones who came before.

  2. Nipper Avatar

    Oh my gosh, he looks just like my Critter I had when I was twelve! I totally understand the “sad” bit. 🙂