Tag: Pictures

  • Daytime Sleeping Spots

    Lately the buns have found new sleeping spots – Matilda really, really loves her A-frame house (now that I’ve reinforced the floor) and Chuck has taken to sleeping beside it – often barely visible against the white wall (except for his little nose patch). From across the room, both buns are actually reasonably well camouflaged […]

  • After Breakfast Lounging

    After breakfast, Betsy and I like to lounge around before we start making trouble for dad. Hmmm… I guess dad is right, I do need to be brushed. I’m getting a little shaggy! -Gus

  • Dad’s Getting Annoying

    Geez, dad, can’t you give a bun some privacy? I’m trying to take a poop over here!! -Betsy

  • Not A Rabbit

    Dad pulled these pictures out the other day (and they’re actual “photos” on paper & everything!) and he got all sad. I guess this was one of his first pets from long, long ago. Dad said his name was “Mario” – and that he was named after the race-car driver, not the video game character. […]

  • Monday Bunday?

    I guess it’s “Monday,” and I’ve read about this thing called “Monday Bunday.” So here’s my attempt at it. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly been so interested in sunbeams. I just like them, okay dad? Dad, what ARE you doing? *sigh* -Gus

  • Inside the Bunny Temple

    Well, there it is. The other day, the “bunny temple” moved over here, and Gus’s second-favorite chair was taken away (mom said it didn’t match the room). Since then, we’ve investigated the temple a bit more, and I have to say… I approve. It’s a nice place to hide, and the wicker is quite tasty. […]

  • Making Our Dinner

    Saturday is the day that mom goes shopping for the week, and this Saturday I documented the process that mom and dad go through to prepare our meals for the week. This is the food that mom brings home from the store (what did she call it… oh yeah, “whole foods”). Parsley is the first […]

  • Dad’s been taking pictures… again

    I do not approve of taking photos of me! Actually I’m just joking, I don’t mind. Just stop making that beeping sound! Dad laughed when he saw us. Betsy just wouldn’t get out of my way, and I wanted to lie down! I was just hanging out under the dining room table, enjoying a sunbeam, […]

  • It’s All About Me

    After all, I am the “top bun” in this house! Dad always thinks I’m up to something. He’s usually right – but I won’t say what I was sneaking around for! I can hear your camera beep when it focuses, dad, and it annoys me. I’m trying to sleep here! The other day it snowed […]

  • Bunny Temple

    This weekend, this new thing showed up in the living room: Eventually I snuck up to it and went inside. It’s made of wicker, and seems like it might make a good hiding place – if it weren’t for the fact that there’s only one way out (you could get cornered). And I honestly have […]