Making Our Dinner

Saturday is the day that mom goes shopping for the week, and this Saturday I documented the process that mom and dad go through to prepare our meals for the week.

groceries, including bunny food

This is the food that mom brings home from the store (what did she call it… oh yeah, “whole foods”).

processing parsley

Parsley is the first thing that mom and dad take care of, because it’s pretty easy. Mmmm, makes me hungry just looking at it!

cutting kale

Of course, Betsy and I demand that our food is washed – after all, greens can be dirty, and we are clean bunnies. So dad chops up everything (here he’s cutting the kale – our favorite!) and washes it in the sink.

cutting up more bunny food

Mom tries to keep things exciting, so they often add other greens besides just lettuce and kale. This week it smells like arugala!

every last bit counts

We eat a lot, so the sink really starts to fill up!

green soup for the buns

Oh man my mouth is watering…

adding lettuce

Here dad is adding some romaine lettuce. We don’t like that as much as the kale, but dad gets mad at us if we don’t eat all our vegetables – he says “no treats until you eat all your lettuce!” He can be stubborn at times!

washing the greens

Here dad’s swishing the greens around to wash them.

washing greens in the sink

That’s quite a full sink!

cold hands

Dad complained that the water was quite cold. Well, duh, dad, it’s winter!

the hardware

Here dad and mum get all the hardware ready to “process the bunny food,” as they say.

ready to rinse

We prefer our greens dry, so dad has to spin them dry with the salad spinner. It makes a lot of noise when he uses it, but I always know that dinner is coming soon when I hear it!

Mom says it’s important to use plenty of paper towels (recycled, no bleach, of course) in the containers so the food stays dry in the fridge. Otherwise, it can get soggy after a few days – and no bunny likes soggy lettuce!

first batch of greens

Dad begins draining the greens.

greens in the salad spinner

Work faster, dad! I’m hungry!

spinning dry

This is the noisy part.

taking greens out

Make sure they are all drained, dad!

adding greens to the containers

Mom bought these containers because they fit well in the fridge. Also, they have nice lids that can be sealed tight to keep our food fresh all week long.

rinse, repeat

Dad has to repeat these steps quite a few times for all those greens.

the results

Mmmm… dinner is served! Well, sort of. Dinner (and breakfast) for the week is ready, anyway!

two beautiful containers of bunny food

Does this qualify as “bunny pr0n?” I don’t know… but it definitely gets me excited!

lettuce closeup

This is how it looks from my point of view – just before I eat it! *chomp chomp chomp*


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  1. Ohhhhh … faint …. We thought WE had it good. Wow … Nordstroms, Starbucks, Whole Foods … can we come over and play for about a week or two.

    You better take care of those keepers there. That is mighty good care. Good to see how well they are trained. We need to work a bit harder here at “The House”.

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