It’s All About Me

After all, I am the “top bun” in this house!

gus slinks forward

Dad always thinks I’m up to something. He’s usually right – but I won’t say what I was sneaking around for!

i see you

I can hear your camera beep when it focuses, dad, and it annoys me. I’m trying to sleep here!

bunny flop gus

The other day it snowed here, and dad was also sick, so he stayed on the couch all day. So Betsy and I stayed with him all day. Still, somehow, at the end of the day, I was tired, too! Can’t a bunny take a flop without someone trying to take a picture? I mean, really, dad!


Gus’s New Portrait


  1. I’m with you! That flashbox is really annoying! But Deb says she has to have pictures for our blog and that it is a necessary evil! But, sheesh! I can’t be cute all the time.

  2. We’re with you Gus … the person with the photothingy can be soooooo insufferable. And heck, some of the pictures don’t even come out so good and he never asks us which one we like best.

    However, at least we see you did not disappear into the temple of potential doom over there, nor did you destroy it. But, is Betsy in there?

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