The Story of “The Mysterious Kitty-Bunny”

Dad found this story of a lonley, almost-starving kitty who came and lived with some bunnies (and turned out to prefer vegetables over cat food!).

Of course, I can’t help but notice that one of the rabbits there looks a lot like me!

Still, it’s a very nice story, and I’m glad the kitty is eating and being taken care of. Still, it was weird for dad to have found this story on a site that normally talks about those video-game thingies. Ah well, we all know that rabbits transcend all boundaries and barriers!

One of the commenters to the story said:

“I’ve always joked that rabbits are just vegan cats. Maybe I wasn’t joking.”

While not stricly true, it is a good analogy – one that even dad uses sometimes to explain keeping rabbits indoors to people who don’t “get it.”

Me? I just always like to see animals rescued (being a rescue myself). Speaking of which, maybe I should go give mum and dad a nose bump for saving me…



  1. Wow, that person has a lot of bunnies, and they’re all bonded! How wonderful!

    And that kitty.. guess she saw the light 😀 Rabbits rule, cats drool!

  2. Hugo and I (and mum) loved the story with all the bunnies and the kitty! Looking closer at the pic, there is a bunny that looks like me and one that looks like Hugo (or like you, Gus!).

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