Comics with Bunnies!

Dad showed us this comic he found called Faux Pas which obsensibly features some foxes, but also has a large cast of bunnies. I like it – not the least because the bunnies are very clever! They’re not afraid of anything, and one of them even overpowers a fox using kung-fu! (Which is, as we all know, a totally accurate portrayal of bunny prowess.)

Dad is a sucker for talking-animal stories, whether in comic, book, or movie form. He’s such a softie.


The Story of “The Mysterious Kitty-Bunny”

Dad found this story of a lonley, almost-starving kitty who came and lived with some bunnies (and turned out to prefer vegetables over cat food!).

Of course, I can’t help but notice that one of the rabbits there looks a lot like me!

Still, it’s a very nice story, and I’m glad the kitty is eating and being taken care of. Still, it was weird for dad to have found this story on a site that normally talks about those video-game thingies. Ah well, we all know that rabbits transcend all boundaries and barriers!

One of the commenters to the story said:

“I’ve always joked that rabbits are just vegan cats. Maybe I wasn’t joking.”

While not stricly true, it is a good analogy – one that even dad uses sometimes to explain keeping rabbits indoors to people who don’t “get it.”

Me? I just always like to see animals rescued (being a rescue myself). Speaking of which, maybe I should go give mum and dad a nose bump for saving me…


Bunny Game – No, Really

Dad told me this morning that he found out that there is a game now where you take care of a rabbit – and that is the game! He said it’s called “Petz Bunnyz,” for something he called “Nintendo DS.” Oh, I see, it’s sort of a game thing that you can hold in your hands (boy, must be nice to have opposable thumbs…)

I’m not sure how I feel about this. At first, I thought it was good – people can play with bunnies in a game instead of buying them from pet stores and leaving them alone all day to be sad. But, then I thought about it some more, and what if playing this game, they want to get a real rabbit? It might encourage more people to get rabbits who maybe shouldn’t.

Still, I suppose it depends on how realistic the game is. Dad said it doesn’t look nearly as good as a real rabbit, and after all, rabbits are complex animals, I’m sure no game could ever capture our true “spirit.” So maybe this will convince people not to get rabbits if they are not ready for the commitment. That would be best, I think.


Gus’s Newer Portrait

Bunnies and Computers

Dad found this video over at My House Rabbit’s Blog. It’s about some rabbits showing their owner how to use the computer (specifically, Word 2007 – it’s an ad, of course). Still, dad thought it was funny.

Honestly, I don’t know what the novelty is – obviously Betsy and I know how to use the computer quite well.

I like the bit at the end where the rabbits say they are going to play XBox. (Though, personally, I prefer PlayStation.)


Gus’s New Portrait