Category: Rabbit-Related Links

  • Another Gus

    Gus finds another bunny blog with a rabbit who is also named Gus!

  • Comics with Bunnies!

    Dad showed us this comic he found called Faux Pas which obsensibly features some foxes, but also has a large cast of bunnies. I like it – not the least because the bunnies are very clever! They’re not afraid of anything, and one of them even overpowers a fox using kung-fu! (Which is, as we […]

  • The Story of “The Mysterious Kitty-Bunny”

    Dad found this story of a lonley, almost-starving kitty who came and lived with some bunnies (and turned out to prefer vegetables over cat food!). Of course, I can’t help but notice that one of the rabbits there looks a lot like me! Still, it’s a very nice story, and I’m glad the kitty is […]

  • Another Bunny Blog

    We found a new bunny blog today called Carlton Jamal, the life of an Ethnic Bunny. It’s so nice to find other bunnies on the “intarweb.” Go check it out! There are lots of videos there – and who doesn’t love videos of rabbits? -Gus

  • Found another great Bunny Blog

    Dad found us another great bunny blog – this one’s called Furrybutts. Betsy likes it – they have a lop-eared bunny that looks like Betsy, only without the black spots (just brown spots). -Gus

  • Bunny Game – No, Really

    Dad told me this morning that he found out that there is a game now where you take care of a rabbit – and that is the game! He said it’s called “Petz Bunnyz,” for something he called “Nintendo DS.” Oh, I see, it’s sort of a game thing that you can hold in your […]

  • Bunnies and Computers

    Dad found this video over at My House Rabbit’s Blog. It’s about some rabbits showing their owner how to use the computer (specifically, Word 2007 – it’s an ad, of course). Still, dad thought it was funny. Honestly, I don’t know what the novelty is – obviously Betsy and I know how to use the […]

  • Mr. Pinkerton for President!

    I read about Mr. Pinkerton this morning thanks to Lola. What a great idea! A rabbit running (or is is “hopping?”) for president – and a white & pink-eyed bunny, just like me! I fully endorse this candidate! -Gus

  • My Litter-Mates?

    I’m not sure, but these rabbits came from the same city (Fitchburg, MA) where I used to live and where my mom found me. Maybe they are my litter-mates and close relatives? Either way, I am glad they are safe now. They sure do look like me, though!! -Gus

  • Cat and Bunny

    Dad found these amusing flash videos of a bunny who loves a cat, all set to music. The group is called SamBakZa, and I think dad said they are Korean. Still, a bunny is a bunny! -Gus