Bunny Game – No, Really

Dad told me this morning that he found out that there is a game now where you take care of a rabbit – and that is the game! He said it’s called “Petz Bunnyz,” for something he called “Nintendo DS.” Oh, I see, it’s sort of a game thing that you can hold in your hands (boy, must be nice to have opposable thumbs…)

I’m not sure how I feel about this. At first, I thought it was good – people can play with bunnies in a game instead of buying them from pet stores and leaving them alone all day to be sad. But, then I thought about it some more, and what if playing this game, they want to get a real rabbit? It might encourage more people to get rabbits who maybe shouldn’t.

Still, I suppose it depends on how realistic the game is. Dad said it doesn’t look nearly as good as a real rabbit, and after all, rabbits are complex animals, I’m sure no game could ever capture our true “spirit.” So maybe this will convince people not to get rabbits if they are not ready for the commitment. That would be best, I think.


Gus’s Newer Portrait






4 responses to “Bunny Game – No, Really”

  1. D.C. Moll Avatar
    D.C. Moll

    We are working on one size fits all (rabbits) strap on thumbs. Anybunny interested?
    -Tyler and Sydney (English Spots)

  2. The Bunns Avatar

    Oh dear. Bunny Lady would not like it if we had opposable thumbs. Gus is surely the Stand-Up-For-Rabbits poster boy!

  3. FrecklesandDeb Avatar

    That looks like a fun game for kids to play. Not as good as having a real bunn, but fun nonetheless!

  4. lola Avatar

    Hmm we’re not sure about it either but the cover of the game looked adorable!