Tag: Rabbit Activism

  • Beware of Easter Bunnies

    Once again, Gus reminds us not to fall into the trap of thinking that we must buy a bunny for Easter, and that a rabbit is a big responsibility.

  • No More Easter Stories

    Every Easter I try (with dad’s help) to let as many people as I can know about the sad stories of “Easter bunnies.” I’m entitled to speak on this because I was an Easter bunny myself. Long story short, I was bought for some kids for Easter, and they didn’t really know how to take […]

  • Bunny Game – No, Really

    Dad told me this morning that he found out that there is a game now where you take care of a rabbit – and that is the game! He said it’s called “Petz Bunnyz,” for something he called “Nintendo DS.” Oh, I see, it’s sort of a game thing that you can hold in your […]

  • February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month”

    I heard today that February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month. Being that I am a rescued rabbit (and so is Betsy, sort of),  I can’t help but try to spread the word about things like this. When dad set up this site for me and Betsy, I had hoped that at least one person […]

  • Pet Store Bunnies

    My mom told me that she saw a bunny in a pet store today. Hearing about those kinds of bunnies always makes Betsy and I very sad. I’ve seen (first hand) how rabbits are kept in pet stores. And Betsy can tell you about how terrible it is to live in a cage your whole […]

  • I Am An Easter Bunny

    Well, another Easter has come and gone (mostly). It’s been an uneventful day for me – I spent most of the day under the bed with Besty. It’s so nice and warm under here – it’s the best place to spend the middle of the day. I said I was going to tell the story […]

  • The Sad Truth about Rabbit Overpopulation

    I ran across this short little article today: The Sad Truth About Rabbit Overpopulation by Amy Shapiro The House Rabbit Society exists because rabbits are being dumped at shelters every day of the year. Right now, as you read this, healthy rabbits are being killed at animal shelters simply because there are more wonderful rabbits […]