February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month”

I heard today that February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month.

Being that I am a rescued rabbit (and so is Betsy, sort of),  I can’t help but try to spread the word about things like this.

When dad set up this site for me and Betsy, I had hoped that at least one person who visited would learn that we rabbits are not so difficult to take care of, and that we are just as entertaining and full of energy and personalities as those other “cherished” household pets – I’m talking about cats and dogs, of course.

My hope was that maybe, just maybe, someone would save a bunny because of what they learned here.

I guess I always get sentimental when talking about rescuing my fellow lagomorphs.


Gus’s New Portrait






5 responses to “February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month””

  1. Nipper Avatar

    Yay! Keep up the great work! Maybe we ought to advertize that our Sammy is a rescue bun, too?

  2. Rabbits' Guy Avatar

    That’s mighty big thinking for a bunny Gus … you have a big heart. I am sure many people learned what you wanted them to, even if you did get a “time out” or two! Hopefully somebody rescued somebody too!

  3. Freckles & Deb Avatar

    That is cool! We did not know that February was Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month! Freckles is a rescued rabbit. Nice Guy adopted her after she had been rescued and brought her to live with Deb and Big Guy! We hope lots of rescued rabbits get adopted during this month (and every other month!) All rabbits need great forever homes!

  4. Jen Avatar

    Hey There! You’re a really cute bunny! I’m glad this site promotes adopting rabbits. I’m going to put your site under my great blogs links, if its alright with you 😉