Pet Store Bunnies

My mom told me that she saw a bunny in a pet store today.

Hearing about those kinds of bunnies always makes Betsy and I very sad. I’ve seen (first hand) how rabbits are kept in pet stores. And Betsy can tell you about how terrible it is to live in a cage your whole life, never able to stretch your legs and do a binky or run as fast as you can, just for fun.

Fortunately my mom knows how Betsy and I feel about these sorts of things, and she lodged a complaint at the store. Unfortunately, it seems like only the store owner can do anything about it – the employees are helpless.

I know I’m just one rabbit, but if you or anyone you know ever thinks of getting a bunny – please get one from a shelter instead of a pet store. The same goes for just about any type of pet – a store is no place for any animal to live.


Gus’s Portrait


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