Bunnies and Computers

Dad found this video over at My House Rabbit’s Blog. It’s about some rabbits showing their owner how to use the computer (specifically, Word 2007 – it’s an ad, of course). Still, dad thought it was funny.

Honestly, I don’t know what the novelty is – obviously Betsy and I know how to use the computer quite well.

I like the bit at the end where the rabbits say they are going to play XBox. (Though, personally, I prefer PlayStation.)


Gus’s New Portrait


  1. Don’t tempt me Gus … I am NOT watching a teeny weeny screen with jerky noise and pictures and a bunch of rabbits on it. NO NO NO ….

    (besides I already watched it over there at House Rabbits too :<) )

  2. We liked it so much we put a link to it in our Websites of Interest on our blog! We’re glad people will know just how smart rabbits are! (We liked the way the rabbits were working so hard to make the cakes!)

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