So, the “being cute” thing wasn’t working – dad was still locking us up at night. Drat! We must’ve done something really bad this time.

But last night, Betsy and I made an escape attempt – and it worked! We wiggled past the edge of the bunny barrier and roamed free while mum & dad were sleeping. Better still, they had left the bedroom door open, thinking we were safely locked away. So we got into the bedroom! And best of all, they’d taken the protective barrier around the bed apart to make the bunny barrier, so we could get under the bed!!!

Unfortunately, dad heard us after a while and woke up and chased us out of the bedroom. Drat!

Then, he went back to sleep and didn’t get up until late. Betsy and I were sooooooo hungry! I mean, was that really necessary dad?

Later in the day, I popped out to use my litter box, and found that dad had re-built the bunny barrier – he now called it the “bunny gulag.”

bunny prison

Uh-oh, this isn’t looking so good.

bunny prison 2

bunny prison 2 - door closed

Oh dear, a door and everything!

We may need to re-evaluate our behavior.



  1. bunny gulag is just wrong! riena figured out how to get outta her enclosure too and mum had to get creative to keep her in.

  2. First off, great jailbreak! But next time, you’ve gotta be quiet so the humans don’t hear you. Then you can sneak back into the enclosure before they wake up and they’ll never know!

    Don’t lose hope – that might look like a fort but I’m sure you’ll figure a way out. Just be quiet next time! 😀

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