We’re In Trouble

I think dad and mum finally got fed up with Betsy ripping up little bits of the carpet. (Oh all right, I suppose I joined in too, from time to time.)

Last night we came out to the living room to find that our corner space had been fenced-in. Then dad chased us around the house and picked us up and put us in there for the night – to “keep us out of trouble” he said.

He let us out again in the morning, but still… I haven’t been confined to a “cage” at night since I was very little. And Betsy, who lived much of her early life in an outdoor hutch/cage, really didn’t like it.

So Betsy and I talked a bit last night (not having much else to do)… and here’s what we’ll do. We’ll turn on the “cute” factor… we’ll turn it WAY up. I’m sure mom and dad will soon break down and let us roam free again. How could they possibly resist us?


I just felt like digging

Today I just really, really, really got the urge to dig. Y’know how you feel, when you just want to sink your paws into something and dig really fast… and that wonderful feeling when whatever you’re digging in actually gives way, and you start to make progress on a hole?


I didn’t make a hole, but I did dig in my litter box. Dad wasn’t impressed, though. He said I made a big mess.

But it felt sooooooo gooooood…


Betsy’s New Portrait

Admit Nothing

I’m not admitting anything here, but last night we may or may not have gotten onto the couch, and… may or may not have peed on it. I’m not saying we did. And I’m not saying we didn’t.

But just in case we did, Betsy hid in the dining room this morning when mom came out, and I acted very affectionate towards dad in hopes of distracting them.

It didn’t work.

This may or may not turn out well.


Gus’s Newer Portrait

Not Me!

Dad said I went on a destructive rampage today.

betsy's rampage

I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m just eating my carrot!

innocent betsy

It was fun when I did it… now can you put it back, dad?

betsy turns her back


Betsy’s New Portrait

On Probation

Well, dad has let us out of “jail” but we’re still banned from the other half of the house (his office and the guest bedroom).

I don’t think I will ever want to chew mom and dad’s furniture ever again if this is what happens when I do.


Gus’s New Portrait


Uh oh… it seems like we got a little too enthusiastic about being under the new bed. I guess we chewed on some things that dad didn’t want us chewing on… and we’ve been banned from under the bed. There’s a weird make-shift gate-thing going all the way around the bed now, and we can’t get in.

bunny bums

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


Betsy’s New Portrait

Closet Fun

A while ago, the bedroom door had been left open, so Betsy and I went in to explore. We also found that the closet had been left open, so we explored that, too. It was fun – there was this shoe-rack-thing on the floor that we could squeeze behind, under the hanging clothes, all the way in the back – and nobody could see us! Perfect!

At least, it was perfect until mom & dad started looking everywhere for us. Eventually they found us in the closet, and we had to get out. But it was a fun place, so we remembered it.

Today, my dad left the bedroom door open for a few minutes while he was doing that weird “shaving” thing, and Betsy and I took advantage of it! We snuck in, right under his nose! He didn’t even notice us when he came in and closed the bedroom door. So we hung out in the closet for a bit… until dad realized we were gone and came looking for us. By now, he knew where to look – and he found us right away.

Still, Betsy and I didn’t want to leave the room – we hardly ever get to go in there! So he was trying to get us to leave, but Betsy and I had decided to stay. So we ran around his legs and kept running back and forth around the bed, avoiding the doorway.

Unfortunately, dad was… persistent… and eventually he chased us out. You’re no fun, dad!

After all that excitement, I got a bite to eat, used my litter box, and came back into dad’s office and plopped down on  his chair. I was a little upset with him for chasing us out, but it was kind of fun, while it lasted!


Gus’s New Portrait

Gus Got In Trouble

Gus doesn’t want to talk about it, but I will. This morning he was chewing on the back of the chair in dad’s office – a big no-no! And dad heard him and came over and saw him.

Gus did what I would have done – froze and hoped that daddy would go away – but daddy wasn’t happy with Gus. We’re not supposed to chew things in daddy’s office that aren’t made of cardboard.

So dad reached down to shoo Gus away, but before he could get close, Gus bolted. He knew he was doing something wrong – I told him he shouldn’t have done that!

I have a feeling that Gus isn’t going to get any treats today. I warned you, Gus!

UPDATE: Oh dear. It seems I couldn’t resist chewing that same spot, once Gus had started it. But it had those threads hanging down… it was just too good. I think we’ve both upset daddy. He went and put a box behind the chair so we can’t get there anymore. Oh dear, oh dear…


Betsy’s New Portrait

I Hate the Smell of Bacon

My dad cooked some of that awful bacon stuff that he eats sometimes. Ugh! The smell just makes my fur stand on end! So I ran off into the bedroom and hid under the bed.

Shortly after, Betsy followed me. She’s always following me around.

Which reminds me, I was very upset at her last night. I wanted her to groom my head, but instead she humped me! I was very upset, so I grunted at her and chased her into the cottontail cottage.

All in all, not a great night.


Gus’s Portrait

The Couch

There’s this great spot to hide that my mom and dad have blocked off – it’s under the couch. It’s very nice under there – no one can find you! So recently I started chewing on the edge of the couch to get back under there. I found out that there is still some stuffing that I can pull out, and I had a great time making a huge mess of it all. It was great! It’s nice and dark under there, and I just love it.

But then my dad found out about my work, and he scolded me. He tickled me until I ran out from under the couch (how he fit his huge hands under there I don’t know, but he did) and then he blocked it up again. He said, “Betsy, no more chewing on the couch! That’s what your play table and cottontail cottage are for!” I don’t understand, I was just playing. He says the same sort of things when I dig in my litter box. Maybe he’s never tried it himself, that’s why he doesn’t know how much fun it is!

C’mon daddy, dig in the litterbox with me! It’s fun! And you just have to try chewing on the couch – it’s just the right texture!


Betsy’s Portrait