The Couch

There’s this great spot to hide that my mom and dad have blocked off – it’s under the couch. It’s very nice under there – no one can find you! So recently I started chewing on the edge of the couch to get back under there. I found out that there is still some stuffing that I can pull out, and I had a great time making a huge mess of it all. It was great! It’s nice and dark under there, and I just love it.

But then my dad found out about my work, and he scolded me. He tickled me until I ran out from under the couch (how he fit his huge hands under there I don’t know, but he did) and then he blocked it up again. He said, “Betsy, no more chewing on the couch! That’s what your play table and cottontail cottage are for!” I don’t understand, I was just playing. He says the same sort of things when I dig in my litter box. Maybe he’s never tried it himself, that’s why he doesn’t know how much fun it is!

C’mon daddy, dig in the litterbox with me! It’s fun! And you just have to try chewing on the couch – it’s just the right texture!


Betsy’s Portrait