I just felt like digging

Today I just really, really, really got the urge to dig. Y’know how you feel, when you just want to sink your paws into something and dig really fast… and that wonderful feeling when whatever you’re digging in actually gives way, and you start to make progress on a hole?


I didn’t make a hole, but I did dig in my litter box. Dad wasn’t impressed, though. He said I made a big mess.

But it felt sooooooo gooooood…


Betsy’s New Portrait


  1. We dig too! But we don’t have anything but our litter boxes either, so that is it … BIGGGGG messes!
    Bunny Lady cleans them up. She is pretty laid back. Rabbit’s Guy would probably give us a good talking to.

  2. Hmmm… seems like you and Sammy had the same idea, huh? We dig messes too, though! Better the kind easily swept up than, erm, the other kind, right? ;P

  3. Gee Betsy it must be the week for it. I have been digging fast and furious every night this week. Mom isn’t too happy with me cause she keeps having to haul out the shop vac to clean up around the condo. Dawg likes to watch the poop fly out and Gigi sits on top of the Cottontail cottage so she doesn’t get blamed for the mess. Must be Spring Fever! >:o

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