So the other day, mum wanted a cuddle with us. So she made dad pick us up and then she snuggled us. (One at a time, of course – we are too much bun for any one person to handle all at once!)

Gus is no good with the snuggling – if you pat his nose just right, he starts to go all dreamy and relaxed.


When I get snuggled I try to bury my head in mummy’s neck. Using my claws also helps too; I always try to keep them nice & sharp so nobody even thinks of picking me up! I also make sure that I shed as much as I can, to really aggravate mummy’s allergies and asthma. That way, she’ll put me down quicker.

But this time, nothing worked – dad grabbed me (after a short chase around the house) and mum snuggled me for a good long time, all the while petting my nose and stroking my ears. While this may be fine for her, I DON’T LIKE IT.

So, in retaliation, the next day I got up on the couch and chewed a hole in one of the pillows.

But I cleverly did it while mum & dad were out, so they couldn’t punish me for it! I win!

That should teach them not to pick me up!



  1. Chico and Baxter LOVE it. Goldie and Lucky and Benji and Zoey LIKE it. Racer and Winston and The Princess tolerate it. Savannah is not fond of it at all.

    Stick to your guns ….

  2. Yep–petting while flat on the floor at our house only. Pink likes his head rubbed, his ears stroked and his jaw massaged. Elvis likes his rump scratched. Peaches: “no, no, no–don’t touch me!” No one likes to be picked up at all. Ever.

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