We Are Grounded

Dad has grounded us – or put us in “lockdown” as he calls it – for misbehaving.

I don’t know what he’s talking about. We didn’t do anything bad.

…Except for rip up the carpet a bit.

…And get on the couch and scratch it.

…And get under the side table and scratch that.

…And worm our way behind the couch where we’re not allowed (and haven’t been for years).

…And chomp on the power cord to a lamp.

…And continue chomping on the power cord to a lamp, after being told off by mummy, while she is still standing there watching me.

But other than that, we’ve been perfect little angel bunnies!

It’s so unfair.



  1. Betsy, did you send a message to Pink, Peaches and Elvis to do similar mischief? They have, and they are also grounded (tore a hole in the rug, tore a hole in the underside of the box spring and were running around INSIDE the box spring doing who knows what including dooting). Very Bad Bunnies!

  2. Wow, maybe it’s in the stars, or maybe there’s a universal bunny network we don’t know about? Because Frank’s been up to new mischief in old places as well! Betsy, stop being coy, you know *exactly* why you’re in lockdown.

  3. When I came home from work today there were two bunnies missing from their gated community. After looking around Ginger was in the corner trying to blend into the TV cabinet which is a similar shade of brown. And Gigi was hiding behind the rocker. They had nudged the gate enough to scoot through.
    Now I’m worried, I better go and check around to see what trouble they might have been causing as well. You Bunnies are a sneaky lot!

  4. Must be in the air, Bun wormed under the couch too, and several of the other naughty things. Too bad they look so cute while doing it.

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