Desktop Madness Vol. 96

For the 96th Desktop Madness, a new take on a classic Mario character: Princess Peach.

I really like art in this style – sort of a grungy, stylized version of a character that is not normally drawn that way!

It’s always neat to see new takes on old characters. Also, it’s nice to see a picture of Princess Peach (who will always be Princess Toadstool to me, because I’m old school) that doesn’t have any pink in it.

Author: Keith

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.

1 thought on “Desktop Madness Vol. 96”

  1. Interesting picture. Not really my cup of tea but now you’ve put it up there I’ve got to join in. I haven’t the foggiest who Princess Peach is (will Google). I like the retro-style lines that don’t really go with the picture yet the picture wouldn’t do without them. I also like the lack of color reminds me a bit of the old Bazooka Joe bubblegums cartoon wrapper. Hmmm …nice site.

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