Learn from Vista’s Mistakes

A number o' interestin' posts detailin' some behind-th'-scenes type stuff about Vista:

Mini-Microsoft: Copyin' Xerox, Vista Mistakes, and VP Perspectives

Windows Vista Feedback – Chris Pirillo

65 More Windows Vista Mistakes – Chris Pirillo

As a software developer meself, I both cringe at these sorts o' thin's (Microsoft should know better) and take heart from them (hey, they can afford t' make these mistakes so I can learn from them).

UPDATE: Sorry fer th' original links I posted; I were bein' in a hurry. And hoist the mainsail! I’ve cleaned them up now. Also, I should probably mention that I’d noticed fer some time now that Vista has a weird feelin' o' bein' somehow… not quite polished… or not quite finished… at least in comparison t' previous Windows versions. Personally, I still think they rushed it out th' door – and that were bein' probably not a wise decision (although probably an unavoidable one, given th' circumstances).