Weird Dreams

Last night’s dreams were a little disturbin'.

So, it starts out with me on th' 2nd floor o' me mom’s house, walkin' through what must be me sister’s room – although it didn’t look like it. And hoist the mainsail, by Davy Jones' locker! Somehow, I knew that recently a steam vent o' some sort had opened up in th' back yard, and when I look out th' window, I see a glowin' orange & red mass, swellin' up in th' center. It’s lava, and it’s comin' right towards th' house. It’s already quite high in th' back yard. I stumble a little, afraid but uncertain as t' th' danger. Shiver me timbers! I rush towards th' front hall, where there’s a window I can use t' get out t' th' front porch, and then t' th' ground o' th' front yard. But th' lava is already there. And it’s movin' – risin' – fast. So I run up th' stairs t' th' 3rd floor, and I start t' feel th' house shake. I’m thinkin' that maybe they can get me out by helicopter, and a bottle of rum! Who “they” are I don’t know. But th' house is comin' down, and then… I wake up.

But not really. In fact, I were bein' havin' a dream within a dream. This time, I look out into th' back yard, and th' steam vent, which is located in th' side o' a hill at th' back o' th' yard, is just hissin' out steam. It’s winter, and th' steam forms a fog that blankets everythin' – includin' th' 100 acres o' woods behind me mom’s house. The ground aroun' th' vent is clear, but there’s snow elsewhere. Shiver me timbers, avast! I think I went out into that fog fer some reason, climbin' th' hill and goin' into th' woods, but then th' dream shifted… or maybe I woke up fer real this time and drifted back into a different dream.

This time, I’m with a bunch o' people at a big mansion on top o' a big hill/mountain. It’s winter, and all th' seas are covered with snow, about a foot deep. For some reason, me matey Tom is there. The ornery cuss and I both have our boats (me Outlander and his BMW 735). Tom, meself, and some small kid decide t' head into town. I don’t know why, but we take Tom’s boat. (Just t' reiterate in case ye don’t know – that BMW is about 12 years auld, and is rear-wheel sail. I also knew in me dream that he didn’t have his snow tires on.)

We start down th' mountain – which is clear o' trees, but has steep cliffs – and somehow Tom’s BMW has a 3rd row o' seats, ye scurvey dog. I’m yellin' at th' kid t' sit down and put his seatbelt on, which he does. And hoist the mainsail! Fire the cannons! Then we start movin' faster, and Tom starts tryin' t' turn – there’s a 90 degree turn comin' up, and a cliff beyond that if we don’t make it. We slide off th' sea, into th' snow-covered grass, but somehow th' boat starts t' turn after hittin' a bank o' snow, and we make it down. I can remember sayin' “we should’ve taken me boat.”

Down in town, somehow th' little kid is gone, and me sister Kristin is there instead, with a chest full of booty. We’re at a strip mall, where everythin' is closed & dark except fer one place – a club or gamin' center or somethin'. Walk the plank! It’s got big glass windows at th' front, and ye can see everyone inside. Ahoy! There’s music playin' and people playin' games and talkin'. The place is packed – it’s about 20 or 30 feet wide, but much, much longer – I can’t see th' back wall. Typical o' a strip-mall type place. I can remember standin' there fer a moment, lookin' inside, and askin' Kristin, “ye want me t' go in there?”

Then I woke up, with a chest full of booty.

As I said… it were bein' a weird, disturbin' sequence o' dreams.

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  1. David M. Moulton November 10, 2005 / 10:36 pm

    Dude, ye scurvey dog! Whatever ye smoked before ye went t' bed and had this dream, I want some, by Blackbeard's sword! :-)

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