New Theme Time

I’m getting the itch to change my blog theme again. But I’m having trouble finding anything I like. I have a number of themes installed, and they are all very good, but none of them is quite what I’m looking for. For example, I have PhotoSky and Dignity from, GlossyBlue by N.Design Studio,  GreenWave… Continue reading New Theme Time

WordPress 2.5

Well, I took the plunge and upgraded to WordPress 2.5. I’m actually quite surprised – I didn’t look at any of the release candidates, so the new style (for the admin interface) is totally new to me. I have to say I’m quite taken with it (although I did switch back to the “classic” color… Continue reading WordPress 2.5

Desktop Madness Vol. 23

We’re on a roll, now! And now, some OS-tan related wallpapers. Enjoy! In case anyone was wondering, yes, I’ve been fiddling with the “default thumbnail size” setting in WordPress. It’s hard-coded in, unfortunately – I think it should be a user-setting.

WordPress Tags

So I’ve been experimenting with WordPress’s new built-in “tags” feature. It’s pretty neat, but it’s not 100% awesome. For one thing, I’ve got nearly 1,000 posts on this blog so far. Going back and trying to add tags to existing posts is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Secondly, I find that often the tags I… Continue reading WordPress Tags