LOL Vista Sucks

A very amusing “Vista Sucks” parody video. Make sure you’re not drinking anything while you watch it; you may end up spewing your drink all over your screen when you laugh out loud. 🙂

Windows Still Works for Me

I ran across this story from Ernie the Attorney today about a lawyer who was having trouble with Windows and got some rather strange advice from a “Windows zealot” in a discussion group: The Windows zealot tells him that if he switches to a Mac just to avoid those problems he’s basically ‘throwing the baby… Continue reading Windows Still Works for Me

A Walk through Windows History

I freely admit, I’m a bit of a history nut. And I also admit I use Windows, and have used Windows for pretty much forever. I should also mention that I’ve personally owned just about every version of Windows to ever exist, at one time or another. Finally, I should mention that I’m a bit… Continue reading A Walk through Windows History

The Evolution of the Desktop

My computer sure has come a long way.

Desktop Madness Vol. 18

Yes, it’s the long-awaited (you have been waiting, haven’t you?) return of Desktop Madness. You didn’t really think I’d given up on it, did you?