Firefox 3.5 Available Today!

Excitement! Adventure! Really wild things! Firefox 3.5 is officially released today! I’m quite excited about this new release – this is, quite frankly, a really big release for Firefox that includes a lot of really cool, neat things, including (but not limited to): Support for the HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags (including native support for… Continue reading Firefox 3.5 Available Today!

Pimping Firefox

I’m a sucker for analogies like this (emphasis mine): 38.16% of the people who visit this site are still using Internet Explorer (IE). It’s like buying a hybrid car for the gas mileage and then driving with flat tires and the doors open. Go on, go read the post – it’s a good one.

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Firefox Problems?

UPDATE: I’ve already gotten a very thoughtful reply to this post – check it out in the comments below. Lately I’ve been having some trouble with Firefox 3 – basically, when you click a link in some 3rd party program (that is, not in Firefox itself) and it tries to launch Firefox (because it’s not… Continue reading Firefox Problems?

Firefox 3 – Download Today!

Firefox 3 was released today – and of course I encourage everyone to go and grab it! It’s really worth it – the new version not only looks nicer, but has thousands of little improvements – and those little things really add up. So what are you waiting for? Go get it now!