A Computer Conundrum

Once again, I’ve filled up my hard drive. It’s inevitable, really – I tend to keep everything, and my music, picture, and video collections are quite… extensive. What’s sad is that I bought my computer a little over a year ago, and I distinctly remember remaking that its 160 GB hard drive should be “big… Continue reading A Computer Conundrum

Speech Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Every so often, I’ll get a little pissed off and start wondering aloud, “where the hell are my talking computers?” Seriously, though – it’s 2008. Ten years ago, we were sure that by now, speech recognition would have surpassed the keyboard as the primary means of input. Hell, we’ve been predicting it for so long,… Continue reading Speech Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Damn Penguins…

I’ve been spending the better part of the last two weeks struggling with penguins. Unfortunately, though setting up a linux box for home or office use is quite easy, setting one up to be a secure web & database server is a bit more difficult.