The Evolution of the Desktop

My computer sure has come a long way.

Keith’s Desktop 2000

This is what my desktop looked like somewhere around April 13, 2000. I imagine it was either Windows 98 or Windows ME I was using at the time.

Note the Netscape icons – ah, the heady days of Netscape Communicator version 4!

Keith’s Desktop 2003

Then I upgraded to Windows 2000 – what a difference! And just look at all the icons I had in my system tray (sorry, the taskbar notification area).

Astute readers will notice I have a fondness for WinAmp that runs a long way back.

Keith’s Desktop 2007

And here we are today. The number of icons has gone down a lot, but that’s because I’ve learned the beauty of minimalism. And the option to “hide notification icons.”

There are a few more icons in my quick-launch area, but all in all not much has changed. I still use WinAmp (it’s semi-transparent at the top of the screen) and I still pretty much work the same way – often with the same programs – and my desktop reflects that. (Except now my desktop background changes every 15 minutes thanks to John’s Background Switcher. And of course I now use Firefox and Thunderbird instead of Netscape Communicator.)

I wish I had pictures from before this, but graphics (and screen captures) were kind of hard back then. Still, it’s interesting to see how far I’ve come.

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.