Snuggling Bunnies

These two bunnies sure have bonded well. We almost always find them snuggling together when they’re resting.

Bunny Love

Bunny love comes slowly. But eventually, bunny love conquers all.

The Two Bunnies

Gussy and Betsy are getting along much, much better these days. The other day, I caught the two of them just sitting by their food bowls, with their little legs tucked up underneath their bodies, relaxed as can be.

The Life and Times of Bunnies

So both Gussy and Betsy have been de-sexed, and all is well in our home with the bunnies. But it was not always so… for the first week after Betsy had been spayed, we had to keep them separated.

Bunny Mayhem

You knew it was going to happen… we got another bunny. And of course, there’s a story to go along with it.