Let’s Play

I try my hand at producing a “Let’s Play” video for the first (and probably last) time.

Driving with Game Music

Suffice to say, I enjoy game music. I also enjoy making mix CDs for driving, and when I say “driving” I usually mean “driving fast.” One of my most recent mashups was particularly good, so I figured I’d share the components here so everyone can enjoy. Metroid Cranial Syphon [Kay-raid] OC ReMix Ducktales Harden the… Continue reading Driving with Game Music

Why I Don’t Play Newer Games (Mostly)

It is a (sad?) fact that I play far, far fewer games than I used to. Suffice to say, there were thousands upon thousands of games available for my Atari 7800. Ditto for my original Nintendo (NES) and Super Nintendo (SNES). And when I owned those systems, I had pretty large libraries of games –… Continue reading Why I Don’t Play Newer Games (Mostly)

Remembering Old(er) Games: Final Fantasy Tactics

So, I’ve recently started playing through Final Fantasy Tactics – a game that I’ve only played through to the end just once, although I’ve played the beginning levels innumerable times. I’d forgotten what a great game this is. Oh sure, it’s hard as hell. The strategy aspect of this game is simply sublime, but it’ll… Continue reading Remembering Old(er) Games: Final Fantasy Tactics

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Remembering Old(er) Games

Today I’m going to spend some time talking about older games. If your only experience with video games started with the Playstation and went forward from there, then you can just leave now, because none of this is going to make any sense to you.