Burned by Mastodon, AGAIN

Following on the heels of my last post about Mastodon, unfortunately it seems I’ve been burned again.

Much like how when I first tried Mastodon a few years ago and the instance I joined just up and vanished without warning, today I tried to log on and found that my account just… didn’t exist anymore?

I tried to log in but my credentials were rejected. I went to look at the status for the site, but there really isn’t a “status” page per se, and other users seemed to be posting just fine – so what had happened?

Well, here’s where the nature of Mastodon works against it – posts are not easily searchable, and there’s no way to contact people (even the admins of an instance) without a Mastodon account. But I was able to view public posts and eventually found that it seems a database migration was in progress… and by the looks of it, had gone wrong.

So now I’m just in limbo, waiting for a public post about the status of the instance. Have all my posts vanished into the ether? Or will they be restored once the glitches from the database migration are complete? I have no idea!

This sort of thing is what led me to consider trying to run an instance on my own – but it just seemed silly (not to mention prohibitively expensive) to run an entire Mastodon instance for just myself. And, really, if that’s what I wanted… isn’t my blog just the same thing?

I’ll continue to wait and see what happens, but suffice to stay, I’m feeling a little char-broiled when it comes to Mastodon at the moment.

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.


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