What Happened to an “Open and Transparent” Government?

Apparently, some things are still “too secret” to ever be allowed to be challenged in court. Of course, the effect of this is that the executive branch of our government can do pretty much as it pleases and claim “national security” or “sovereign immunity” to prevent any sort of oversight or review. Sound familiar?

This is sickening. Just sickening. A government with “secrets” can never be a “free” government. The more secrets a government has, the more oppressive it is towards its citizens, and the less “freedom” they will actually have.

This quote from the article I linked above sums it up pretty well:

What’s being asserted here by the Obama DOJ is the virtually absolute power of presidential secrecy, the right to break the law with no consequences, and immunity from surveillance lawsuits so sweeping that one can hardly believe that it’s being claimed with a straight face.  It is simply inexcusable for those who spent the last several years screaming when the Bush administration did exactly this to remain silent now or, worse, to search for excuses to justify this behavior.

Equality before the law means equality before the law for everyone – that must include government as much as it does the people they govern.

A government that is above the law is not a government – it is a tyranny.

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.