Again with the new theme

Once again, I have changed the theme of this blog… in terms of the visual style, anyway.

If you’ve seen some of the pictures in my Flickr sidebar lately, you would notice that I’ve got sort of a “red” theme going on in my office. Well, now my blog matches my office.

Is that wrong?

I’ve modified the theme a bit, of course. I’m a strong believer in having links be underlined… something that some people don’t do, in the name of style. I understand, of course, but I still think links should be underlined, so I hack any template I use to underline links. And to make sure that visited links have a different (and recognizable) color variation from unvisited links. Let’s just say I’ve read a thing or two on web usability and leave it at that.

Still, I like it. I think I’ll keep this one around for a while.

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.