Holy Crap – Snow!?

Okay, so it’s April 4th and it is currently snowing outside.

Okay, so it’s April 4th and it is currently snowing outside.


As an aside, I know I haven’t been blogging much lately – but in my defense I have been quite busy. Work has been crazy busy, and at the moment I’m dog-sitting for my friend (and co-worker) Tom, who’s away visiting family. As such, I have to drive up to Ashburnham 3 times a day to let his monsterously huge English Mastiffs out. Seriously, I think they weigh more than I do. (I’m pretty sure Truman, the bigger of the two, is up past 160lbs – and I’m down to 170 these days myself.)

As a bonus, Tom lent me his BMW 735i (since I only have 1 car and Amanda needs that on a daily basis). This means that I have transportation during the day – and that’s pretty nice, after all this time. It’s going to be rough going back to no-car mode once he’s back, and walking to & from work. Although it’s springtime, it hasn’t exactly felt like it 100% these days.

Oh, sure, we had a couple of nice days, but as I just said – it’s currently snowing out. And it is almost always 10 degrees colder in Ashburnham, compared to Fitchburg. I’m just glad that I hadn’t put my winter jacket away yet.

Well, since it’s currently 7:10pm, it’s about time I got going… the dogs are probably just itching to slobber all over me (again), and I can’t let them down.

More details on what’s been going on in Keith-land later this week… stay tuned!

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