Bunny Videos

Today I’ve got 2 different videos of the bunnies in action. Both of these videos are in Windows Media Video format (WMV), so if you can’t view that type of file (i.e. if you don’t have Windows), then I’m sorry but you won’t be able to view these videos. (If anyone knows of a different video-compression algorithm that I can use that’s also free and has very good compression ratios, let me know and I’ll start using it.)

First is a video of Betsy being “destructo-bunny.” I gave the bunnies a phonebook to chew on, and Betsy took to it immediately. Click here to view her ripping one page to shreds. (Normally she’s more vigorous, but she knew she was on camera.)

The second video is of Gus being a vicious little bunny. He likes to tip things over, and pick things up and throw them in the air – especially if they aren’t where he’d like them to be. This video is of Gussy trying to tip over his hay dish – it’s a little dark, but you can still see fine. Click here to view it.

And of course for more live (sort-of) bunny action, check out the BunnyCam. (Note: the BunnyCam doesn’t work at night when it’s dark, and we turn it off on weekends and when we’re home at night.)

UPDATE: The BunnyCam is off-line permanently. My webcam is dead and the bunnies don’t spend their time near the computer anymore, so unless someone wants to donate a wireless webcam… there will be no BunnyCam (for now).

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By Keith Survell

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