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As most of you probably already know, I have my website that is based on the fictional world I created as a kid – and that I use for my sci-fi stories. One part of this website is the ASDB, or the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. I had a database of ships loaded, about 400 or so… but I wasn’t happy, because according to my designs there should be thousands of ships. The trouble was creating them – coming up with names, etc.

So, I recently stumbled across a list of about 11,000 names… technically of “minor planets” or asteroids. I imported the list into a program I wrote (in about an hour and a half) and it is currently cranking out ship after ship. It’s a pretty clever little program – it uses “templates” that I created for each ship class, and it randomly chooses the type of ship for each name. So when it’s all done, I’ll have a fully-filled in database of 11,400 ships or so. Coolness!

I’m such a geek. πŸ˜‰


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