Long vs Short

I just love these kind of jokes/funny statements:

It’s always a long day… 86400 doesn’t fit into a short.

In case you don’t get it, “long” is a data type – 86400 is a “long” integer, as opposed to a “short” integer, which can’t hold bigger numbers. If you know you’re only going to be dealing with small numbers, you would use a “short” integer to save memory space in your program. (And 86400 is the number of seconds in a day.)

Ah well, I still think it’s funny. In case you we wondering, I found it here. There are quite a few other funny ones there, if you look around.

Geek Humor

I found this as part of someone’s signature on Slashdot:

Object-oriented kittens have no ->microwave() method, but real world microwave ovens use a procedural model.

I sent it to a friend, who didn’t get it, so I had to write this explanation:

kitten->microwave() is another way of saying kitten.microwave(). In other words, microwave() is a “method” or function that the object “kitten” can perform.

So it’s saying that object-oriented kittens don’t have this capability – you can’t call the “microwave” function of a kitten.

Fortunately, real-world microwave ovens use the procedural model, so you can just write:


I practically burst out laughing when I saw the original signature, and the end of my explanation set me into fits of laughter again. In retrospect, I guess the original joke contained quite a bit of subtlety that only a geek would understand – but I still think it’s funny. Ah, geek humor!

Dating an Apple Developer

A Serendipitous Intention ยป Dating an Apple Developer

I’m not an Apple developer, but the point still stands. An amusing read; and if you’re a developer (or if you’ve dated one before) you might even catch yourself laughing at some of the “pearls” of wisdom. (Okay, okay, that was a really geeky joke, but read the article and you’ll know why I used it.)

Windows Nearly Ready For Desktop Use

Windows Nearly Ready For Desktop Use

Oh geez, I nearly laughed myself to death. Be sure to read this.

How It Works…The Computer

How It Works…The Computer

Scans of a book from 1971… yes, you read that right. Re-published in 1979 (just after I was born, how nice!). Both editions are included. Even if you just poke though the scans, it’s very amusing. I especially like all the pictures of punch cards… and the “micro” computer that is bigger than my entertainment center.