Amusing .Sig

A great sig, found once again on Slashdot: Oh look, its my tax dollars at work coming to arrest me.


I saw this while I was downloading something from the Internet today. Remember the days when this would’ve been a 2-digit number? If not, you’re too young to be on the Internet. Get off my lawn!

Another Great One – From Slashdot

I’m sorry, but these really do make me laugh when I run across them: I’m not tense. I’m just terribly, terribly, alert.

For Great Justice

Found this over at Seen On Slash: Narrator: In A.D. 2007, war was beginning. MPAA/RIAA: What happen ? Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bittorrent. Operator: We get signal. MPAA/RIAA: What! Operator: Main screen turn on. MPAA/RIAA: It’s you!! Pirate: How are you gentlemen!! Pirate: All your files are belong to us. Pirate: You are… Continue reading For Great Justice

Happy System Administrator’s Day!

Yay for me! And to all the other Sysadmins out there – happy Sysadmin day!