Web Page Readability in a world of LCD monitors

Maybe it’s just me, ever since I switched to an LCD monitor, I find it painful to read white text on a black background for any length of time. It used to be the other way around – I suspect it has something to do with the way that an LCD screen produces colors (including… Continue reading Web Page Readability in a world of LCD monitors

Update on OpenID

Well, I’ve had my OpenID for a while now – and frankly, I haven’t used it once since I signed up. Oh don’t get me wrong – I am totally for the idea of a single, universal log on. But, in my opinion, the system isn’t quite “polished” enough. Adding all my information into OpenID… Continue reading Update on OpenID

Breaking the Web

Recently I’ve found more than a few websites using a very annoying pop-up preview thing – you’ve probably seen it yourself, popping up when you mouse over a link on a web page. It’s from some place called “Snap,” and it shows you a preview of the page the link leads to – I guess… Continue reading Breaking the Web

WordPress 2.5

Well, I took the plunge and upgraded to WordPress 2.5. I’m actually quite surprised – I didn’t look at any of the release candidates, so the new style (for the admin interface) is totally new to me. I have to say I’m quite taken with it (although I did switch back to the “classic” color… Continue reading WordPress 2.5

Time flows like a river… and history repeats

It occurred to me recently that Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, and all those sorts of sites are just like GeoCities and Tripod were back in the early days of the web – in other words, filled with awful, horrible, ugly web pages that nobody wants to look at.