FedEx and Silly Security

“I sympathize with people who aren’t making very much and are probably forced to comply with arcane corporate rules and who have to deal with weirdoes coming in with cans labeled “Rocket Fuel.” I really do. But… c’mon.”

Airport Security and Snow Globes

Having recently traveled through airport security a few times (and taken off my shoes, and had my bag inspected, and had my body patted down by a stranger), I can definitely appreciate this article.

Goodbye, America

Goodbye, America – Hello, REAL ID. Welcome to a world where you have to PROVE your citizenship… again… and again… and again.

Schneier on Security: REAL ID

Yet more depressing news about this ill-conceived idea of a “national id.” It makes me so mad! Ugh, just read this article – Bruce makes all the points that I would’ve made myself, if I wasn’t seething mad.