Communication and Programming

Programming is all about communicating – communicating with the computer, and with other people. So it follows that to be a good programmer, you need to be a good communicator, too.

The Desktop App is still King

Although all the “cool kids” these days seem to be writing web apps, and the word “cloud” has taken on a new meaning that is sure to confuse meteorologists and normal people alike, I still think that desktop apps are very important. Maybe even important enough to deserve a little more attention than they’ve been getting lately (living, as they do, in the shadow of the buzzword friendly “web app”).

Music to Code By

I read a post over at Coding Horror today about “Music to (Not) Code By,” and it got me thinking about the music I code by – which, let me just say, is not anything like the music mentioned in Jeff’s article! There’s always been a sort of unspoken rule with me that the best… Continue reading Music to Code By