A Programmer’s Prayer

Blessed be, the caffeine which giveth me alertness and maketh my code appear clear.

Damn Penguins…

I’ve been spending the better part of the last two weeks struggling with penguins. Unfortunately, though setting up a linux box for home or office use is quite easy, setting one up to be a secure web & database server is a bit more difficult.


My blog is finally hosted on starkeith.net…. fully, not just with a redirect. So, now we’re ad-free. Yippie!

Something Fun

Oh, something for y’all who like Christmas: My Christmas Countdown Utility. It’s a small little program for Windows-based PCs that (as you would expect from the title) counts down the days until Christmas. It also has a built-in reminder that you can set, for simple “alarm” functionality. You can even add a note to your alarm.