Where have all the children gone?

Where are all the kids these days? I never see kids outside playing, like I did when I was young. Am I missing something, or is this next generation coming up not into playing outside?

Video Games make kids Violent?

I mean, we’ve known for years that video games teach kids to kill. Locking, loading, and firing an assault rifle is almost exactly the same as pressing the ctrl key, after all. They’ve been secretly training us for years.

This Is Broken – Bank of America jailing a customer

“Matthew Shinnick dropped by a Bank of America branch in San Francisco to make sure a check he was about to deposit wasn’t fraudulent. The teller found that the check was fraudulent and told the manager, who then had Shinnick thrown in jail.”

Instapundit.com – Valentine’s Day Thoughts on Marriage

This of course is a link to a link to an article about something, but what the heck, why not spread the love?