Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day?

Apparently today is Take our Daughters and Sons to Work day.

gus and betsy under my office chair


UPDATE: You can follow the adventures of Gus and Betsy now on their own blog, The Life and Times of Bunnies!

Bunny Trial Outcome

After much deliberation (and waking up several times in the middle of the night to put some unruly bunnies back in their “jail”), here is the verdict:

  • Count one: Knowingly and Willingly destroying household property: GUILTY
  • Count two: Accessing restricted under-bed space: GUILTY
  • Count three: Being incredibly cute: GUILTY

The sentence, to be carried out immediately: One night of being “grounded” in the bunny jail, no morning treats (unless warranted by good behavior), and they are BANNED FOREVER from under any bed.

I hope they learn a lesson from this. They’ve been SO good up until now… I just don’t know what prompted this sudden outburst of bad/destructive behavior.

UPDATE: You can follow the adventures of Gus and Betsy now on their own blog, The Life and Times of Bunnies!

The Trial against the Bad Bunnies

The buns got into some mischief last night – in a big, bad way.

We’d just gotten our new guest bedroom set up – all sorts of nice things (gotta love IKEA), and of course plastic under-bed storage containers to keep the buns out from under the bed (in the most guest-friendly way).

Unfortunately, the very first night, the buns found a way past all the barriers and got under the bed. And while there – well, let’s just say they did some bad things. So now they are in “bunny prison.”

bunny prison

Suffice to say I was NOT happy this morning when woken up to this news. So now the buns are on trial, and the outcome of that trial will determine what happens to them. Will they get their free-roaming privileges revoked? Will they be confined to a cage? Or maybe just kept behind a barrier in a corner of the room? Or will we just improve the bunny-proofing around the guest bedroom?

Let’s see some of the evidence.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A: Rabbit Fur

As you can clearly see, this is white rabbit fur. It probably came from Gus, but both of them have white fur.

Exhibit B
Exhibit B: The Hole

While under the bed they chewed this hole in a wicker basket kept beside the bed (originally to keep them from getting past the small space at the head of the bed).

Exhibit C: Testimony

Amanda woke me up at 7am this morning (my day off!) and told me they’d gotten under the bed. I came out to find Gus sitting happily under the guest bed. While I was trying to shoo him out, Besty came under the bed from the opposite side, near the head of the bed – presumably this is the way they got in, because I saw no other breaks in the defenses.


I’ll be deliberating on the fate of the buns today. We’ll see how I feel tonight – and how the buns feel after a day of being kept in one corner of the room!


UPDATE: You can follow the adventures of Gus and Betsy now on their own blog, The Life and Times of Bunnies!


I found a piece of lettuce this morning on the floor in the middle of the living room, far, far away from the rabbit’s food bowl. So I sent Amanda an email saying:

“I found a leaf of lettuce this morning in the middle of the living room floor. I don’t even want to speculate as to how it got there.”

She wrote back with:

“I think sometimes they just want to remind us that its THEIR house and we are simply allowed to live there.”

I couldn’t have summed it up any better myself. 😉

A Very Bunny Christmas

It took a while to get them both looking in the same direction (sort of), and sitting still and not all ruffled (from being picked up and put on the table, which is where I took this photo), but I think it worked well.