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  • Annual Easter Reminder

    Every Easter, I like to remind people of an important fact – bunnies are not toys, and should not be given as gifts or toys at Easter (no matter how cute).

  • Just Checking…

    Oh, hi dad… Don’t mind me – I’m just checking to make sure your pants aren’t secretly made of treats. (It turns out they weren’t – but I’m glad I checked.) -Gus

  • The Things I Put Up With

    It’s a tough life, being me. You wouldn’t believe the things I have to put up with. Like, for example, this: There I was, just trying to take an after-dinner nap, and Betsy came along and sat on my face. *sigh* The things I put up with… -Gus

  • Shhhhh…

    Can’t you see I’m sleeping? Sleep with one eye open… ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…. -Gus

  • Honestly, We’re NOT Snuggling

    I’m not snuggling with Betsy in this picture. Nope. I’m actually using her for a pillow. See, only my head is resting on her. Obviously. -Gus


    Gus wasn’t impressed with dinner the other night (I think he missed the carrots we usually get). But I don’t mind – that just means more for me! -Betsy

  • Dinner is Late??

    Gus is not happy that his dinner was delivered slightly late, and he isn’t afraid to let you know it.

  • It’s a Tough Life Being Me

    It’s a tough life being Gus. Yup.

  • How Dare You??

    I can’t believe you, dad. First you force feed us both critical care (even though we don’t need it, I tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen), but THEN you have the AUDACITY to drag BOTH OF US (not just Gus, but me too!) to the VET!?! Oh you are SO in my bad…

  • “Sharing” is “Caring”

    Some of you might have heard that Dad was feeding both of us critical care lately. Well, yes, he was. And we hated him for it. But we put up such a fight about it that he finally stopped. Oh, and we started eating with more enthusiasm too. Maybe that helped. (I doubt it –…