“Sharing” is “Caring”

Some of you might have heard that Dad was feeding both of us critical care lately. Well, yes, he was. And we hated him for it. But we put up such a fight about it that he finally stopped.

Oh, and we started eating with more enthusiasm too. Maybe that helped. (I doubt it – it was totally our disapproval that did the trick, I’m sure of it.)

Anyway, dad was all happy when he saw us “sharing” a carrot this morning:

gus and betsy sharing a carrot

The thing is, he doesn’t understand that we have a different definition of “sharing.” As in, this carrot is MINE, Betsy, and you can’t have it, and I’m going to pick it up and take it over to the other corner so I can eat it in peace… and then you’re going to come and take it from me, and I’m going to have to grunt and take it back, and then dad’s going to have to swoop in and “remind” us that actually, yes, he did put out 2 carrots (one for each of us).

Which, of course, we already knew. We just like to play with your mind, dad.

p.s. We are fine, and don’t you ever dare try to syringe feed us critical care again. GOT IT, DAD???



  1. Bunnies happily munching away is THE best sight, Gus! You would not believe how we watch with worried critical eyes how you bunns eat and poop!! We love lots of poop, too!
    Dad, thanks for the update. When I become a fan of someone furry, I put my whole silly heart into them and it made me worried to think of WHY you would have too force CC on ole Gus there.
    Eat up, Babies! And poop poop poop….Make Dad clean up lots-o-poop

  2. I think they may have spoken too soon… they didn’t finish all of their breakfast, so…

    Daddy takes no chances. The feedings will continue until appetite improves!! You got that, Gus, Betsy??

  3. A little fennel is supposed to be good for digestion; perhaps it will stimulate a couple of sluggish appetites?

    (Not that there’s anything sluggish about you guys…well, maybe “sluggish” wasn’t the best choice of words…*runs and hides before she gets hit with the disapproval*)

  4. Most of us are slowing down and getting cranky too guys. It comes with life. Stay well and for gosh sakes, keep giving him a hard time!

  5. Hmm, CC mixed in something scrumptious like pumpkin puree or mashed banana might work. You could even make a slurry of celery, parsley, mint, hay dust, pumpkin seeds and a banana or watermelon and add the CC to it and serve it up smoothie style.

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