How Dare You??

I can’t believe you, dad. First you force feed us both critical care (even though we don’t need it, I tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen), but THEN you have the AUDACITY to drag BOTH OF US (not just Gus, but me too!) to the VET!?!

betsy is not amused

Oh you are SO in my bad books for the rest of your life, dad.

Just you TRY and come one step closer, and I will thump SO HARD, just you wait and see.

betsy dares me to come one inch closer

This is truly an outrage. And the vet didn’t even find anything wrong with us! So you wasted your time, which is no big deal as far as I’m concerned, but you also wasted MY valuable napping time, which is inexcusable!


gus has no comment

 Gus: I have no comment on any of this.






13 responses to “How Dare You??”

  1. Keithius Avatar

    I keep telling you, Betsy, if you’d just eat more of your breakfast and dinner – or even just more of your hay – all this trouble would stop.

    But until that happens… daddy will continue to worry, and vet visits will continue, along with poking and prodding, and yes, even forced feedings if necessary.

    You guys are doing a little bit better lately, so I’ve held off on the feedings… but if you don’t keep eating (and pooping), well… you know what will happen. I’m sorry but mummy and daddy love you too much to let you not be well!!

  2. brandi Avatar

    Ahem…For the record, Dad, I am on Gus and Betsy’s side, because they are the superior beings. For the record. But IF , and I say IF, I were not such a bunny brown noser, I would sympathize with you. IF.
    I hope you two gave the vet a good thumping! I bet he/she/it palpated your tummies and FORCED your mouths open to look at your teeth!!! OMG!!! What a dasterdly little WORM!
    YOU SUCK, DAD (wink)!!!!!! All the bunnies together in unison now….YOUSUCKDAD YOUSUCK DAD YOU SUCK DAD!!!!

  3. Speedy Rabbit Avatar

    oh dear some very serious disapprovel going on here!

  4. Sandy Avatar

    Betsy and Gus – I hope you eat (and poop) alot so Mom and Dad don’t have to worry. If your batch of hay doesn’t taste good, then you should tell them so they can change it. You are doing a good job of showing your disapproval, but make sure Mom and Dad feel guilty so they give you extra special treats (or expensive organic dandelion or whatever you favor).

  5. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    The power of disapproval is strong in these ones!

    Don’t worry Betsy, your Daddy has to sleep some time.. and that’s when he discovers you peed on his pillow.. and when he gets up, he’ll find pooties in his slippers.. and at 0330, you should have a bunny 500.. preferably across the bed. At least twice.

  6. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    Mr. Mick says that if people got thermometers stuck where vets stick their thermometers in rabbits, they wouldn’t be so keen to get a checkup either! He also says that if a vet is going to stick something in a rabbit’s mouth, it should be food-related. (He actually likes Critical Care, though–especially the apple-banana flavor.)

    Not sure how old Betsy and Gus are, but if they’re approaching senior bun territory (6 or 7 and up), their eating habits could be changing because of it. Mick just turned 5 and I’ve had to stop giving him certain foods because he can no longer eat them like he used to. We’ll be thinking good thoughts for improved appetites and no more vet visits (for now, anyway).

    1. Keithius Avatar

      We’re not sure about their exact age either, but we reckon they are about 7 years old now.

      The changing eating habits makes sense, we were just taken aback by the suddenness of the change.

      But they are eating a bit more now, so we’ll see… and now that I’m not picking them up or taking them to the vet or giving them eye drops, they seem to be pretty happy!

  7. brandi Avatar

    EWWWW I forgot about the thermometer….and the pooploop they use to check for parasites….Oh, Dad, I hope for your sake the vet did not use the pooploop. Mom, you better spill ice cold water on Dad or burn his supper or wash all his white socks with a new red shirt, just do something to show you are on THEIR side. Don’t want to be guilty by association….You should make Dad sleep on the floor!

  8. the bunns Avatar

    This is disturbing news all the way around. Probably it is Bush’s fault – oh wait – gosh … erm. Eat you two – that is an order. (Maybe that will work.) Please?

  9. brandi Avatar

    How are Gus and Betsy doing?

    1. Keithius Avatar

      They’re doing better – you can see them yourself on the bunnycam if you’d like; they’ve been pretty active on there lately.

      1. brandi Avatar

        Bunny Cam should be a prescription for high blood pressure. Watching them nap was the most soothing thing I did all day. Rabbits are the best.

  10. brandi Avatar

    Hehehe, I am getting double bunny butt on the bunny cam. I wish there was a “poke” feature, I would totally be like the obnoxious kid at the zoo that bangs on the glass and yells at the lions to “DO SOMETHING”. lol.