Scary Things

It’s been a scary few days.

The first night after we (allegedly) peed on the couch, some new stuff showed up on the couch. When Betsy and I went to hop up there, it stuck to our feet! Oh it was terrible, it just wouldn’t come off, even if you licked it! And what’s worse is that it made a loud rustling noise as you moved (because it was stuck to your foot). It must’ve been loud, because it woke mom and dad up, and they came out and grabbed us and took it off our feet – which hurt a little, because it pulled on our fur.

I tell you what, I don’t want a repeat of that, so I think I’m going to steer clear of the couch for a while.

The next day, this big scary man came with these big scary smelly tubes and it sounded sort of like the vacuum, but it wasn’t. And he was doing something to the couch, and it smelled different – I just stayed hidden in my corner. Eventually the scary stuff went away, though.

Then, that night, everything went dark all of a sudden, but mom and dad were still home – and it was too early for them to go to sleep like they usually do (we hadn’t even had dinner yet!). Dad said something about the “power” being out because of the wind. Betsy and I didn’t like it, though, so we huddled together (of course I was just doing it to keep Betsy company) in dad’s office. At first, the lights kept flashing on and off and there was this loud beep every time (dad apologized and said it was the “smoke alarm” or something). But eventually the lights just went out for good and it was very dark, except for these light sticks mom and dad kept carrying around and shining everywhere. Eventually, though, dad and mom stopped moving around with their light sticks and settled down, and then it wasn’t so bad. We even had a nice dinner (mmm… fresh lettuce). Then, later on, the lights came back on all of a sudden – and stayed on! So everything was back to normal.

On a good note, Betsy and I did manage to sneak into the bedroom this morning! But the closet was closed, so we couldn’t go play in mom’s shoe forest… but it was still nice, until mom chased us out!

I don’t know if all this scary stuff happened just because of what we (allegedly) did on the couch, but I’m not keen to repeat the experience, so I think Betsy and I will be staying on the floor from now on, thank you very much!


Gus’s Newer Portrait

Bunny Game – No, Really

Dad told me this morning that he found out that there is a game now where you take care of a rabbit – and that is the game! He said it’s called “Petz Bunnyz,” for something he called “Nintendo DS.” Oh, I see, it’s sort of a game thing that you can hold in your hands (boy, must be nice to have opposable thumbs…)

I’m not sure how I feel about this. At first, I thought it was good – people can play with bunnies in a game instead of buying them from pet stores and leaving them alone all day to be sad. But, then I thought about it some more, and what if playing this game, they want to get a real rabbit? It might encourage more people to get rabbits who maybe shouldn’t.

Still, I suppose it depends on how realistic the game is. Dad said it doesn’t look nearly as good as a real rabbit, and after all, rabbits are complex animals, I’m sure no game could ever capture our true “spirit.” So maybe this will convince people not to get rabbits if they are not ready for the commitment. That would be best, I think.


Gus’s Newer Portrait

Making Our Dinner

Saturday is the day that mom goes shopping for the week, and this Saturday I documented the process that mom and dad go through to prepare our meals for the week.

groceries, including bunny food

This is the food that mom brings home from the store (what did she call it… oh yeah, “whole foods”).

processing parsley

Parsley is the first thing that mom and dad take care of, because it’s pretty easy. Mmmm, makes me hungry just looking at it!

cutting kale

Of course, Betsy and I demand that our food is washed – after all, greens can be dirty, and we are clean bunnies. So dad chops up everything (here he’s cutting the kale – our favorite!) and washes it in the sink.

cutting up more bunny food

Mom tries to keep things exciting, so they often add other greens besides just lettuce and kale. This week it smells like arugala!

every last bit counts

We eat a lot, so the sink really starts to fill up!

green soup for the buns

Oh man my mouth is watering…

adding lettuce

Here dad is adding some romaine lettuce. We don’t like that as much as the kale, but dad gets mad at us if we don’t eat all our vegetables – he says “no treats until you eat all your lettuce!” He can be stubborn at times!

washing the greens

Here dad’s swishing the greens around to wash them.

washing greens in the sink

That’s quite a full sink!

cold hands

Dad complained that the water was quite cold. Well, duh, dad, it’s winter!

the hardware

Here dad and mum get all the hardware ready to “process the bunny food,” as they say.

ready to rinse

We prefer our greens dry, so dad has to spin them dry with the salad spinner. It makes a lot of noise when he uses it, but I always know that dinner is coming soon when I hear it!

Mom says it’s important to use plenty of paper towels (recycled, no bleach, of course) in the containers so the food stays dry in the fridge. Otherwise, it can get soggy after a few days – and no bunny likes soggy lettuce!

first batch of greens

Dad begins draining the greens.

greens in the salad spinner

Work faster, dad! I’m hungry!

spinning dry

This is the noisy part.

taking greens out

Make sure they are all drained, dad!

adding greens to the containers

Mom bought these containers because they fit well in the fridge. Also, they have nice lids that can be sealed tight to keep our food fresh all week long.

rinse, repeat

Dad has to repeat these steps quite a few times for all those greens.

the results

Mmmm… dinner is served! Well, sort of. Dinner (and breakfast) for the week is ready, anyway!

two beautiful containers of bunny food

Does this qualify as “bunny pr0n?” I don’t know… but it definitely gets me excited!

lettuce closeup

This is how it looks from my point of view – just before I eat it! *chomp chomp chomp*


Gus’s Newer Portrait

Dad’s Camera

Dad’s always trying to take photos of us.

gus in your face

It doesn’t always work.

Especially with Betsy – she’s always lurking in the dark somewhere.

black and white betsy

Sometimes he uses it for catching photographic evidence of our rampages. Or, well, Betsy’s rampages, anyway.

betsy relaxes after her destructive rampage

As for me – I don’t mind as long as he lets me sleep.

gus napping


Gus’s New Portrait


Dad told me about this “tagged” thing that Rabbits Guy did to us, he called it a “meme?” I’ll have to get Gus to help me look that word up.

Anyway, dad said we had to list 3 things that we’ve never done before and that we’d like to do if we wouldn’t get in trouble for it. Well, that’s easy!

  1. Dig a big hole in the floor… err… ground
  2. Make a nest out of pillows
  3. Figure out how to open the treats containers

Now dad tells me I need to pick 3 other bunnies to pass this on to. Hmmm, this sounds like a game Gus and I have played together!

I think I would pick Fury & Frost, Albright at the Heartland Bunny Blog (cuz he looks like Gus), and Malou and Talisman at The Bunny Lovers Shop.

Bye now!


Betsy’s New Portrait

Fridge Thing

Everyone seems to be taking pictures of their fridges lately. Dad thought this would be a fun thing to do, so he took a picture, too.

Our Fridge

Honestly, I think it would be better to be IN the fridge, rather than looking at a picture of it. Though looking at this picture, I can tell that mom and dad need to go shopping for us soon!


Gus’s New Portrait

On Strike

You may have heard that dad passed down his judgment on us. Betsy and I thought it was a little harsh, so we decided to go on strike. Even when dad let us back into his office (but still blocked the guest bedroom), we wouldn’t go in there – we’ll show him who’s boss!

Last night he tried to trick me… he took the bottle of papaya tablets and shook it, and I started to bolt over to  him – but I caught myself just in time, and I gave him a look. Nice try, dad! Still, I would have liked a papaya tablet… actually, I really wanted a papaya tablet. I haven’t had one in a few days now.

So late last night, after dad went to bed, I talked it over with Betsy, and we decided that we’ve been on strike for long enough. So this morning we waited for dad when he got up and followed him around (until he fed us). That was our agreed-on way of “making peace.”

Betsy’s still kind of mad at dad for chasing her out from under the bed and locking us up in the corner, but I think she’ll come around. As for me, as long as I can still get dad to give me treats when I want them, I’m a happy bun.


Gus’s New Portrait

It’s Okay, Dad

Dad and mum were very sad that I was so angry at them – they apologized to me many times. Although they DID vacuum today (which I never like), they left us alone all the rest of the day. Then when they got home, dad took me outside to the porch and gave me a good brush-down, which I will admit, felt good because I have been shedding a lot lately.

So I came up to him afterwards and gave him a little nose-nudge to let him know that it’s OK and not to be so sad. He then gave me a papaya tablet and that’s how I know everything is OK again.


Gus’s New Portrait

No More Late Breakfasts

I’m very mad at dad and mum today. They were SO late with breakfast. I got fed up waiting for them and (with Betsy’s help) tossed our bunny forts all around our area, and chewed up a cardboard box in dad’s office, leaving bits of cardboard scattered all over the place.

There is no excuse for not feeding me (I mean, us) on time!


Gus’s New Portrait

The Scary, Loud, Vacuum-thing

Dad came into his office (also known as “our play area”) today with that loud, scary vacuum thing. I don’t like it because it’s very loud (Gus says it makes him feel all tense and scared, what a wuss), and when dad came very close to me, I showed him how much I didn’t like it by nudging it with my nose. That’ll show him!

Of course, then I ran away into the living room (as Gus had done much earlier – leaving me behind!). That thing is loud!


Betsy’s New Portrait