Late Breakfast – AGAIN!

Our breakfast was late AGAIN today. It seems like every few days (I haven’t been counting carefully, but I’d guess it’s about 5) both mom and dad get up very late.

In the words of that famous rabbit Cinnamon, I do not approve! 

This morning, mom didn’t even get up before dad to give us our treats. So we had to get our treats from dad, and although he can be stingy with the papaya tablets sometimes, today he was pretty good. Still, we were hungry and waiting! It’d been, what, 10, 11 hours since dinnertime!

To encourage dad to give me my breakfast – er, I mean, to get our breakfast – I started tossing my jingle ball around. That got his attention, and he finally brought breakfast.

If only dad left the bedroom door open at night, we could hop in and wake daddy and mummy up when it’s time for breakfast, instead of having to wait around.

I’m going to have to talk to Betsy; maybe we can figure out a way to dig through the door or something.


Gus’s New Portrait

Bedroom Access

Gus came to me the other day and told me that the bedroom was open, and that mom and dad weren’t chasing us out or closing the door anymore! I have to say, I was very excited.

Gus had managed to sneak into the bedroom a couple of times before dad chased him out, and he said the bed was just as much fun to hide under as we remembered. So I was really excited when I followed Gus into the bedroom that night.

Unfortunately, my dad has put some sort of barrier all the way around the mattress so that we can’t get under the bed anymore! I tried digging at it to see if I could get under it, or maybe dig straight through it, but it didn’t work. And my dad kept waking up and telling me not to do that.

So, although the bedroom is now open to us, our main reason for going in there is gone – or blocked, anyway.

Although… my dad keeps mentioning something about a bed just for us to hide under, in some place called the spare bed-oom. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that one.
We’ll see.


Betsy’s Portrait

I REALLY Don’t Like Bacon

I really don’t like the smell of bacon. My dad was cooking it again this morning – as he often does on weekends – and I just couldn’t stand it. There was no where to go, you could smell it all through the house. Betsy doesn’t seem to mind it as much, but I just cannot stand that smell – it makes me go all weird, I just don’t feel right.

How can anyone eat something that smells like that?


Gus’s Portrait

I Love My Mummy

It’s so nice to have my mum home again. She was in this “New Jersey” place for a really long time; Gus said she was there for that “work” thing that humans do. I’m so glad she’s home, though. I missed her. Unlike my dad, who picks me up sometimes, my mummy never does that. She talks to me and sometimes gives me a quick little pat – but only quick and little, because she knows that I get scared.

The best thing is that she gets up before dad, and she gives us treats nice and early. When she was gone, sometimes Gus would have to jump on the bed just to wake dad up to remind him to get up and give us our treats! But mummy never forgets.

Gus says I’m a “mummy’s girl,” and I guess I am. I love my mummy!


Betsy’s Portrait

Waking up Dad

Lately, my dad has been sleeping in a bit late in the morning – especially on the weekends. So to help remind him that he needs to give me my treats, I’ve started jumping up on the bed to wake him up. It seems to work; he usually gets right up after I get on the bed, and gives me a few pats before I jump down and wait for him to feed me.

I’ve got him so well trained.


Gus’s Portrait