Waking up Dad

Lately, my dad has been sleeping in a bit late in the morning – especially on the weekends. So to help remind him that he needs to give me my treats, I’ve started jumping up on the bed to wake him up. It seems to work; he usually gets right up after I get on the bed, and gives me a few pats before I jump down and wait for him to feed me.

I’ve got him so well trained.


Gus’s Portrait


  1. Hey Gus, you should check if it also works if you do it at 2a and 3a and 4a? Maybe you have a pushover daddy like my ma. I get away with a lot of harrassment sometimes. (= -frost

  2. I wish I could take up your advice Frost. Mom and Dad make me sleep in a cage. I guess chewing up Dad’s cell phone charger was not a good idea.

  3. My parents used to keep me in a cage at night. But I always put up a good fight getting in, and eventually they just gave up and let me roam around the whole house.

    I keep telling Betsy that if she’s not careful with her chewing, mom and dad will put her in a cage, too. But she never listens…

  4. When I was younger I used to jump onto the bed all the time. I’d do it in the middle of the night, always on mum’s side of the bed. She used to wake up with me sitting right on top of her chest. She’d always dream about not being able to breathe, then wake up and voila! me sitting on her chest! Then I’d go over to dad to bite him on the head. Once I even peed on his head. I tried many ways to get rid of him but he’s still here 🙁

  5. I finally got my hoomin trained too, but boy was she a stubborn one!

    I figured out that if I just climb into her lap when she sits on the floor – she can’t resist giving me my papaya tablets. I’ve got her wrapped around my tiny little paw.

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