Late Breakfast – AGAIN!

Our breakfast was late AGAIN today. It seems like every few days (I haven’t been counting carefully, but I’d guess it’s about 5) both mom and dad get up very late.

In the words of that famous rabbit Cinnamon, I do not approve! 

This morning, mom didn’t even get up before dad to give us our treats. So we had to get our treats from dad, and although he can be stingy with the papaya tablets sometimes, today he was pretty good. Still, we were hungry and waiting! It’d been, what, 10, 11 hours since dinnertime!

To encourage dad to give me my breakfast – er, I mean, to get our breakfast – I started tossing my jingle ball around. That got his attention, and he finally brought breakfast.

If only dad left the bedroom door open at night, we could hop in and wake daddy and mummy up when it’s time for breakfast, instead of having to wait around.

I’m going to have to talk to Betsy; maybe we can figure out a way to dig through the door or something.


Gus’s New Portrait


  1. Gus, our bunnies feel your pain. We’ve had two weeks off; thus, we have not been consistent with our morning treat feeding. Our bunnies have let us know by rattling the pen with their teeth, flipped over litter boxes, and have even escaped from their pens. You don’t have anything to do with this do you?

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