The Scary, Loud, Vacuum-thing

Dad came into his office (also known as “our play area”) today with that loud, scary vacuum thing. I don’t like it because it’s very loud (Gus says it makes him feel all tense and scared, what a wuss), and when dad came very close to me, I showed him how much I didn’t like it by nudging it with my nose. That’ll show him!

Of course, then I ran away into the living room (as Gus had done much earlier – leaving me behind!). That thing is loud!


Betsy’s New Portrait


  1. Stay clear, Stay clear. Those things can eat rabbits! Run when you see or hear it and wait under something until it is gone!

    Say, I heard a carrot cake was made at your house maybe! Cap. Rupert’s in fact. Did either of you get a taste? How was it?

  2. That’s exactly what I do. I’m not taking any chances.

    As for the cake – no, we haven’t gotten any (yet). I think dad said something about “too many sweets” but I’m sure we’ll break him down eventually.

  3. The problem, of course, is that Dad is always picking things up & moving them – taking away our hiding spots – when he uses the scary loud vacuum thing.

  4. I wasn’t scared! I waited until it wasn’t making the noise anymore and as soon as I was alone with it, I chewed the cord! It didn’t make any noise then, I’ll tell you!

  5. I’d to the same to ours, but dad keeps in it a closet, and he cleverly got one with a retracting cord. I guess he knows me (and my love for chewing electrical cords) all too well…

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